Recorded video of webinar "Machine Learning with Oracle"

20 days agoNovember 5, 2017
This is simply great guys...I loved the session and the way you guys have explained the machine learning concept...
Dumitru Puscasu
20 days agoNovember 5, 2017
Great webinar!
Filip Huysmans
20 days agoNovember 5, 2017
Great intro and very useful demo.  Great work.
Luis Capriles
19 days agoNovember 5, 2017
Really good first bite of ML.  Very clear and outstanding session.
Kaiser Naseem
19 days agoNovember 6, 2017
Thank you. Very useful. Will need to watch a couple of times to get a better understanding.
19 days agoNovember 6, 2017
Would be good to learn more about decisioning for lending and financial products development.
Mitja Mavrič
19 days agoNovember 6, 2017
Presentations on a practical cases are always the best way to achieve better understanding of topics. Great job guys.
Richard Lewis
19 days agoNovember 6, 2017
Really clear and consise. I would love to see how this works with our Marketing Cloud products for targeting of campaigns and integrating with Eloqua and/or Responsys too. Great delivery through Wistia too! Really nice job.
Erik van der Poel
19 days agoNovember 6, 2017
Very clear webinar! Thanks Jeroen & Javier!
18 days agoNovember 7, 2017
Great presentation. Very clear presented and understandable structure.
Charlie Berger, Oracle
17 days agoNovember 8, 2017
Great webinar.  See more similar talks at March 20-22, 2018 at Oracle HQ at Analytics and Data Summit User Conference.  See you there!
Weya Michael
16 days agoNovember 9, 2017
Great Webinar on Machine learning. Very Informative.
Herbert George
15 days agoNovember 9, 2017
Will be great if you can compare oracle's approach to ML to other approaches out there in the market.
Ehab ElSaadany
11 days agoNovember 14, 2017
Very interesting to know the way the logic act in the machine learning algorithm. thanks
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